Saturday, August 06, 2011

A Multitude of Blessings

This week has been filled with a multitude of blessings, in the form of answered prayers and provision from the Holy Spirit, at the time of need. The first blessing was in the way of special empowerment from the Holy Spirit, in a time of need. It happened at the beginning of the week, when I was talking with another Christian on the phone. We were having a difference of opinion, and this particular person was objecting to my personal convictions of right and wrong on a particular issue. Instead of agreeing to disagree with me, this person tried very hard to violate those convictions and proceeded to bully me for awhile. It got to the point where I was furious, so much so, that I almost sinned and started yelling at the person and/or rudely hanging up on them. But the miracle is that I did not lose my temper and sin with my tongue, even though I was hurt and angry. It is only the intervention of the God, through the Holy Spirit, that allowed me to keep from sinning throughout the conversation. I know that it was not through my strength, for my flesh was screaming to do the opposite....Praise God that He kept me from doing anything that I would have to repent of later.

The second blessing that stands out to me is that my son enlisted in the Marines. It is a blessing, because after several years of not having any direction in his life, he has found something that he is willing to commit to and work hard for. While I am naturally concerned for his future safety, I cannot help but believe that this experience will instill some discipline in his life, as well as have many other benefits. I also hope that God will use the trials that John will encounter to bring him to Himself, for my son is not a believer.

The third blessing is the miraculous healing of my brother-in-law, Michael Ford. A little over 4 months ago Michael was diagnosed with a very agressive form of cancer. The PET scan revealed that he had cancer throughout his abdomen, and he had tumors that were breaking out of his skin all over his body as well. It was so bad that at the initial diagnosis, the doctors immediately gave him a chemo treatment without working up a treatment plan. The doctors and we all thought that Mike was terminal. Well, after four months of chemo, Michael took another PET scan and it has been determined that he is now cancer free. The doctors chalk it up to the early treatment in the hospital, but we are all convinced that it is the hand of the Lord and that God was not ready to bring Michael home yet. Also, going into this trial Michael and Launa (my sister) were struggling financially, so we thought that at the very least, this illness would place them into bankruptcy. But through various people and such, God has provided for them.

Lastly, my son wanted to go camping around Jackson, Wyoming, which is where we are from, before he leaves for basic training. The problem is that it is wicked expensive to fly directly into Jackson Hole, and for him to fly into another airport and would be difficult for him, because rental car agencies will not rent to a person under 20 and who does not have a credit card. Well when we were looking at plane tickets for him, the Lord provided us with an incredible deal on a flight into Jackson Hole. The price is so low that John can afford to fly into that airport. Well, when we saw how low the price was we talked about how it would be nice if my husband, Matt, could go with John; however, we didn't think that his boss would let him take the time off at such short notice and with the office staff being short-handed. Well, he texted his boss and asked him anyways, and his boss said he could go. So, God has provided the means and opportunity for Matt and our son John to spend a week together in the mountains, before John goes to the marines. It is such a tremendous blessing!

Sometimes, we can pray and pray, and it seems that God is not answering our prayers (or he is not answering them the way we want Him to). Then, all of a sudden it is as though God opens up the flood gates and pours out abundant blessings on us.