Friday, August 05, 2011

The Mercy & Sovereignty of God

The Scripture that I posted for today comes from Isaiah 55:6-9. In verses 6-7, we see an exhortation to seek the Lord, while there is still time. It is an exhortation for a person to repent of his sins and turn to the Lord for salvation. The promise to the one who will do this, is that the Lord God will hear the cry of the repentant sinner and have compassion upon him and forgive him. It displays God's rich mercy and compassion, but it also displays His justice, holiness and righteousness, for implied within the text is a warning that if you don't turn to Him, you will not receive compassion or pardon. Next, in verses 8-9, we have a warning against trusting our own judment in these matters. Taken within the context, it is a warning against those who would trust their own judgment and thoughts in terms of their eternal destination; however, its application goes far beyond issues of salvation and extends to a person's daily walk with the Lord. We must remember that God does not operate based upon our earthly wisdom but upon His own wisdom and that God's wisdom reaches far beyond ours. His thinking and acting is far superior to ours and is beyond our comprehension. It is our responsibility to trust Him at His word and pray for the faith and understanding to be obedient to it.