Monday, August 18, 2008

Waiting for the Storm

It's 3:11, and I am taking a break from housework to write in my blog. I was going to photograph two cards I made over the weekend, but it's raining outside and I usually photograph them out there. We live on the Southeast coast of Florida about 60 miles north of Palm Beach. Today is the first day of school, and wouldn't you know it, school is cancelled for tomorrow because of Tropical Storm Fay. The storm is supposed to hit somewhere on the Southwest side of Florida and cross the state going Northeast. It is possible it will be at least a cat. 1 hurricane when it hits. We are already starting to get rain from it and will get a bunch of rain and some wind tomorrow. There are flood watches and tropical storm watches, thus there is no school tomorrow. The kids will be glad, but it just means they might have to make up the day later. Another system is ramping up in the Atlantic and has a good chance of hitting us late next week. We'll see what happens.