Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hello Again!

Well, I'm not so good at this blog thing after all. I should have known, because I'm not much of a talker (chit chat) or letter writer either. So what's been going on here? Let me see, I am still teaching our women's Bible study. I am in my 5th year and loving it. We are going through Dwight Pentecost's book called "The Words and Works of Jesus Christ". The title pretty much says it all. The book covers key themes and events in the life of Jesus Christ, taking us through all four gospels. The challenge is to see more of the person of Jesus Christ through the study. We don't want to just learn more facts about our Savior, but we want to see Him as more in His person and deity. As we see our Savior more fully and begin to more fully understand the salvation He purchased for us, we will grow in our love and passion for Him and the Father. It has been a challenging study. We are going through it a lot more slowly than I expected, and I don't think we will make it through the book by the end of May. But, the Lord is in control, and He will allow us to get through what we need to at this time.

I also host the Women's Christian Biography group at my house every other week. We are finishing up the biography of George Mueller, and will start a new one (to be announce) in a couple of weeks. This has also been a spiritual challenge. George Mueller was a tremendous man of faith. He was known as the man responsible for building and running orphan houses, but he was best know for his tremendous prayer life and implicit trust in God to provide for all of his needs.

On the homefront, our daughter Meghan just finished her first semester of college at the University of Wyoming. We miss her a lot, but we know she is where God wants her. I will elaborate more at a later post. Our son John, is entering his last semester in High School, and Matt is tremendously busy at the litigation firm where he works.

In the meantime, I try to get in a card here and there, and hopefully, I can be more dilligent about posting here.