Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Been Ages

I have been away for ages. Lots has happened here, and I haven't felt much like blogging. Instead, I've been sitting on other people's blogs. We are in the process of moving this weekend to a townhouse. Last weekend I had my garage sale with another girl from church who is also moving. We had it at the church, because both of us live in neighborhoods that don't allow garage sales. Our friend Joyce helped us with it. We moved everything to the church on Friday and priced it then. Then we opened up at 8am on Saturday. The Lord blessed us, and we sold most of our stuff.

I've been busy packing this week. Once I move into the new place I have to come back to this house and make sure it is thoroughly cleaned & ready for sale. Other than that, my husband has been crazy busy at work. He works for a litigation firm south of here and is kept pretty busy both during the week and on the weekend. This Friday he has to take the bar exam for the South Florida Federal court. Hopefully, he will pass. He is incredibly smart but is not the greatest test taker.

In the middle of everything I have been making a few cards. Oh, and guess what? My birthday is May 8, and I am getting a set of 72 copic sketch markers. I have been wanting them for forever. Up until now I have been doing all of my coloring by either watercoloring with my SU in or using my SU markers. Soooo, I am pretty excited about my Copics. Now, I just have to learne how to use them.